Fox Racing Airframe Roost Deflector

Fox Racing Airframe Roost Deflector

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      Ever taken a big hit in a crash? If you haven’t, save yourself some pain and gear up with the Fox Racing Airframe Roost Deflector. With a whole torso full of impact resistant polycarbonate panels, the Airframe takes large measures towards keeping you safe from crashes and debris.

      These panels are spread along the chest, back, and shoulders?all of which are supported by lycra lined biofoam so you don’t get any rubbing or pressure points when geared up. You also get a system of buckles and straps for a ton of adjustability that ensures the Airframe will fit perfectly.

      But the adjustability doesn’t end there because you can also adjust the shoulder plates or remove them entirely to fit the needs of your ride. If you want to avoid the pain of getting plastered with roost or landing with a root in your back, start gearing up with the Fox Racing Airframe Roost Deflector.

  • Shock-resistant, Lexan polycarbonate front and rear panels offer full coverage and durability
  • Lycra lined Biofoam comfort padding
  • Low profile shoulder cups with high density shoulder padding
  • Fully adjustable and removable padded full size arm guards
  • Kevlar reinforced Torsion Hinge lets two-piece rear panel conform to rider movement
  • Secure side release buckles
  • Adjustable shoulder connections for custom fit