Acerbis X-Move 2.0 Boots
Acerbis X-Move 2.0 Boots
Acerbis X-Move 2.0 Boots

Acerbis X-Move 2.0 Boots

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      The Acerbis X-Move 2.0 Boots are all about traditional styling and heavy-duty protection that’ll keep your feet in one piece while riding at your most-aggressive levels. Built on top of a moto-specific Vibram sole that’s secured with a traditional double-stitch, the X-Move 2.0 gets a lot of things right, even at the most basic levels. The upper materials start with genuine leather and extend out with a soft, elastic gaiter at the top, and massive amount of hard, contoured tpu paneling all across the boot’s outer surface. These tpu panels protect against impact, but they also work with the ankle pivot system found on both medial and lateral sides of the ankle.

      These pivots limit exaggerated movement that would injure your ankle, and together with the impact protection, they let the the X-Move 2.0 achieve a CE level 2 rating for protection. Thankfully, that protection doesn’t come at the cost of comfort. The hinge system allows a good amount of flex while you walk or shift on the pegs, all internal fabric is hypoallergenic as well as highly breathable, and a set of four aluminum buckles are easy to use thanks to their pass-through, cam-style operation—similar in operation to the buckles on Gaerne’s SG-12 boots.

  • CE level 2 rating
  • Dual hinge supports ankle and limits damaging movement
  • Reinforced steel toe
  • Rubber inserts on the inner side of the calf increase resistance to abrasion and heat
  • Extra internal padding to protect ankle

  • Genuine leather upper
  • Internal hypoallergenic fabric, breathable, and antibacterial
  • TPU soft gaiter at the top with Velcro closure
  • Double-stitched, moto-specific Vibram sole
  • Aluminum buckles with memory and a quick release/locking system