Gaerne G-React Boots
Gaerne G-React Boots
Gaerne G-React Boots

Gaerne G-React Boots

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      The Gaerne G-React Boots are the mid-level off-road boot in Gaerne’s mx lineup that takes features off the pro-level SG12 and works them into an affordable price point that’s not far off the entry-level GX-1.

      Core components of the G-React are the same as all Gaerne boots so you’re still looking at a full height, aluminum 4 buckle closure, and the same traditionally stitched sole that Gaerne has essentially perfected performance and durability wise.

      What makes the G-React unique is its slim profile and outer dimensions that are reminiscent of the GX-1. However the G-React has much more protection thanks to a large layout of hard PTU panels, reinforced heel cups and toe boxes, and drastically increased lateral support of the ankle.

      It gets that ankle support from the single medial hinge on the inside of each ankle. Borrowed from the SG12, the hinge keeps your ankle in line but allows for a wide range of movement when flexing your foot up and down. Meaning you get the best mix of protection and comfort available in a single boot.

  • TPU impact protection panels around calf, shin, and foot
  • Traditional Goodyear welt construction stitched sole
  • Steel toe cap/kicker
  • Aluminum cam lock buckles open and close smoothly, easily
  • Slim profile and outer dimensions
  • Medial uni-pivot prevents side to side ankle movement
  • Microfiber interior and ergonomic liner
  • Rubber grip guard helps hold riding position and deflect heat from exhaust
  • Gaitor around calf opening keeps debris out
  • Made in Italy